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Our Private practice has a long history of helping private companies and their owners unlock their ambitions. No matter your business. No matter your industry. We can support you. We focus exclusively on helping private business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities and address challenges unique to private companies. Our approach is to work collaboratively alongside your private business to ensure full transparency and trust. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by being a one-stop-shop where our hands-on business advisors are eager to support you in solving your business issues. Let’s make a better working world together.

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We Go Beyond Tax Preparation

If you are a business owner, taxes can be a complicated issue and it can be easy to feel intimidated when dealing with IRS regulations. Our Team has the expertise to prepare your income tax returns accurately and efficiently based on your individual unique situation.

Preparing and filing your annual Tax Returns is just the first step, the information from your Tax Returns serves as a foundation to help us implement proactive year-round tax reduction strategies to minimize your tax liability and help you keep more of what you earned.

We prepare and file any outstanding Business and Personal Returns due at the Federal and State level in order to help you stay in compliance. Based on your unique Tax and Financial situation we identify tax reduction strategies that best align with your current goals. We schedule quarterly review meetings to update your tax projections and your estimated quarterly tax payments. We also proactively identify tax reduction opportunities based on your new goals and tax law changes.

Tax Services that go beyond the current year and numbers

We get to know you and provide hands-on support wherever you are in your individual or business lifecycle. Whether the tax assistance you need is sophisticated, routine, strategic, or prompted by a major milestone event, we’ll focus on and thoroughly grasp all aspects of your unique situation. We collaborate with you to help you navigate potential obstacles, avoid costly mistakes, and benefit from our comprehensive advice.

Our tax planning and tax preparation services are more than checking figures and computations on complex tax forms, schedules and supplements; or completing partnership, corporate, payroll, international, fiduciary, and gift tax returns. We help you plan ahead for the future. Setting you up for success beyond the short-term.

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Our clients like that we proactively keep in touch about their tax issues and compliance. Our clients are reassured knowing that we pay close attention on all levels, and that well-trained, committed and passionate professionals provide quality tax preparation and tax planning services year after year.

Whether that means exiting or expanding your business, considering a merger or acquisition, forming a family foundation, taking a job overseas, funding a college or retirement savings plan, buying a home or taking a vacation, our clients are comforted knowing that they can focus on what they want to do. The main goals of our tax planning and tax preparation services are to minimize your tax burden and maximize your after-tax profitability. Our team helps you achieve your objectives more efficiently and confidently.

A single point of contact

At FMSE, you’ll be looked after by a dedicated tax expert. This person will take time to get to know and understand your needs and be your single point of contact for every service we provide you.

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Tax refunds are issued once your tax returned has been processed, and myGov shows the status as ‘Issued’. Tax returns which are lodged through myTax take around two weeks to be processed. Paper tax returns can take as long as ten weeks to be processed; some may even take longer. If you have Grow Advisory Group lodge your tax return, it will be processed within 30 days of the lodgement date.

Your myGov account will show the date for payment and whether you’re entitled to a refund. If you provided your bank details, your refund would be paid directly into your account.

Yes! Thankfully you can. If you have made a mistake on an already-lodged tax return, you can request an amendment to be made. There are, however, time limits as to when amendments can be made. It is generally two years for individuals and small businesses and four years for other taxpayers.

If your amendment results in you owing more tax, it will be treated as a voluntary disclosure and will still need to be paid. If it reduces your tax, you will receive an additional tax refund for the money owing.

Tax returns take time and require a lot of information. In order to complete a tax return and receive the maximum tax refund you are entitled, you need to produce a number of documents, including those relating to income, work expenses, and other records. The required documents will likely differ depending on the industry you work within.

Yes. In addition to personal returns, we prepare corporate returns, partnership returns, trust and estate returns, gift returns, not-for-profit returns, and more.


Generally, FMSE can turn around a completed tax return within 1-2 weeks from the time we have all of the necessary documents from the client. Factors that can affect turn-around times include completeness of documents received, responsiveness of the client to questions and requests for additional information, or length of time until to the filing deadline.

FMSE can help. We will prepare state and federal Power of Attorney forms for taxation matters, which will allow us to access transcripts with the necessary information.

Yes. FMSE routinely prepares tax returns for all U.S. states and territories as well as necessary city or locality returns.

It is likely. FMSE can help you determine filing requirements for the decedent and/or their estate.

Yes, as long as you had income in excess of the filing threshold. FMSE’s experienced professionals can help you navigate reporting requirements and complexities of international transactions of U. S. Citizens while maximizing your tax benefits. We also work with citizens of other countries who do business in the United States and have reporting requirements in the U.S.

No. You will be invoiced for tax preparation when the return is complete and receive your refund directly from the relevant taxing authority.

In certain situations, yes. Contact FMSE so we can learn more about your situation and advise you on the most advantageous filing option.

Yes, but only if it makes financial sense to itemize your expenses. Contact FMSE so we can learn more about your situation to help determine the most beneficial filing option.

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